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Pang, Zhigeng

Chairman and founder of the company

Graduated from Tsinghua University, Beijing

He worked in the Space Center of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Beijing Taixing Company.

Since 2005, he has been the chairman and general manager of the company.

Tang, Quanli

Founder, Director, Secretary of Board of Directors and Deputy General Manager of the Company

Graduated from Tsinghua University with a postgraduate degree, and worked in Tsinghua University and Beijing Taixing Company.

Since 2005, he has been a director, Secretary of the board of directors and vice president of the company.

Zhou, Liang

Assistant Chairman

Graduated from Beijing Normal University

Founder of Beijing Business Travel Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd., a well-known domestic business travel provider

Founder of “Source Life” of B2C Platform for Poverty Alleviation E-Commerce

Assistant to the current chairman of the company

Gong, Wenxiang

General Manager of Key Account Division

Graduated from China University of Geosciences

He worked in the R&D Center of Aeronautical Remote Sensing of Ministry of Land and Resources and Beijing Taixing Company.

He has worked in the company since 2000 and is now the general manager of the company’s major account department.

Strategic Cooperation

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