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Daily Maintenance of Cursor Reader

Cursor reader is a precise instrument which combines optoelectronics and electromechanics. In order to ensure the accuracy of mechanical structure, we must pay attention to shock proof, moisture proof and dust proof in transportation, preservation and use. Keep the machine and environment clean regularly and maintain the machine regularly.
Cleaning paper Road
Clean up the dust and paper scraps in the paper passage regularly to keep the paper passage clean.
Clean paper wheel
Use clean wet cloth to wipe the paper wheels gently. Be careful not to drop water on the equipment! If the rubber ring of the paper wheel is worn or damaged, it can be removed directly and replaced with random spare parts.
Clean Photoelectric Head
Use lens paper or soft cloth to wipe the glass and pressboard of the photoelectric head. The contact part between the photoelectric reader and the information card is optical lens. When a foreign object enters the photoelectric reader, the photoelectric reader should be lifted first and then carefully removed. It can not be pulled hard.
Pay attention to the cleaning of information cards
If there is foreign matter on the information card, it will stain the optical picture, so check the information card before reading and remove the dirt.
If the cursor reader is not used for a period of time, please put it in its special case, do not forget to put randomly equipped cables and serial data lines into the case at the same time.
Component replacement: (for reference)
A. Cumulative input of 50,000 information cards should be replaced by a rubbing tape.
B. Cumulative input of 300,000 information cards should be replaced by the first paper wheel.
C. Cumulative input of 300,000 information cards should open the main frame of cursor reader and remove dust.
D. Cumulative input of 1 million information cards should be cleaned and replaced by professionals.
Special attention: The paper rubbing motor of OMR1000 cursor reader is standing up without paper in the paper feeding bin. At this time, it must not be depressed by external force, otherwise, it will probably cause the motor to be damaged and unable to work! uuuuuuuu
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